Monday, October 24, 2011

Make-A-Wish Dance

Ravenscroft Families, please join us for our 

Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dance
with Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Saturday, November 19, 2011
Main Arena - Finley Center Gym note location change!
7pm to 9pm

Refreshments provided
Formal Attire
Admission: $25. per couple
$10. per additional attendee
Free Photo Included
RSVP to -
bring check made out to "Make-A-Wish Foundation" upon arrival

Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with
life-threatening illnesses. When I was in Mrs. Simpson’s
fourth grade class I was diagnosed with Burkitt’s
Lymphoma Cancer. As a former Make-A-Wish recipient
and active volunteer, my goal is to raise $6,000.00 (the
average cost of a Wish) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Thanks for your Support,
Angelika Barth
Class of 2012
Key Club Lt. Governor

Monday, October 17, 2011


Can-Struction for Wake Relief!

In 2010, with an estimated 919,938 people in Wake County, over 84, 634 (9.2%) were considered to be under the poverty level. As unemployment rates rise, this number can only be going up. Wake Relief is a food pantry at St. Savior’s Center in downtown Raleigh who counts on us to bring cans to stock their pantry for the holidays.

This year, Key Club, along with Ms. Cardillo’s Art Ideas and Art Foundations classes will be working together to construct larger-than-life-sized sculptures out of the cans we collect for this year’s food drive. We’re continuing a nationwide effort to raise awareness for hunger by making art out of cans.

We’re starting this week to collect specific cans to build our dream sculptures and we will have our usual advisory competition. The color-coded cans needed to make our sculptures will be worth more points in the competition. Together, let’s help feed Wake County for Thanksgiving!

Cans for 5 points:
15 oz. Libby's Mandarin Oranges, or other
Fruit in
golden can

28 oz. Bush's Baked Beans - Honey flavored, in orange can

5 oz. Bumble Bee Tuna
white can

The brands are important to be able to stack cans, BUT, if there is a store brand that is the same dominant color and exact size, you could substitute.

All cans are welcome! Cans for the art are due on Thursday, October 27th, to Richards Hall and the required cans get 5 points until that day. Other cans will be collected between Oct. 27-Nov. 17th in Rhonda’s Cafe and advisories can get 1 point for those cans. For the competition, please count your total advisory cans, and email totals to margaretedwards by Nov. 17 so your advisory can win a free pizza lunch, one per grade!

We’re saving our can-struction design for the opening in the gallery, but here are a few examples of structures we like, to get you excited!

Printable flier here!  

Monday Oct 17-Announcement to begin can Drive and introduce Canstruction
Wed. Oct. 19 – morning meeting - Advisories discuss cans and/or money collection
Thurs Oct 20th- Advisory Lunch - collect cans/money to support drive
Monday Oct. 24th Announcement last week for the drive
Oct. 27th – all Can-Struct ART cans delivered to Richards hall by 3:45.   9:35 and Advisory lunch for Fr/Soph will be times to get together and deliver.  Advisors email points to Margaret Edwards

After this date, other cans will go to a box in Rhonda's cafe at the back wall. 

Friday Oct. 28 KEY CLUB SORTS Cans  for sculptures 
Oct. 17-20 – Art Classes designing and planning, with build-leaders for each section

Monday, Oct. 31  Deliver cans to Art Gallery for 1st Sculpture  Art Class Period 1+2
Deliver cans to Lower School for 2nd Sculpture Art class Period 7
Deliver cans to Rhondas For 3rd Sculpture Art Class Period 8
Key Club helps delivery when they can

Tuesday Nov. 1 CANSTRUCT-Gallery ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club
Wednesday Nov. 2 CANSTRUCT-Gallery ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club
Thursday Nov. 3 - Teacher Workday - but could have volunteers come in to CANSTRUCT in Gallery  ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club
Friday Nov. 4th 
Begin CANSTRUCT at Lower School Lobby ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club

Monday Nov. 7th  CANSTRUCT at Lower School Lobby ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club
Tuesday Nov. 8th CANSTRUCT Lower School ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club

If Time and Cans:

Wednesday Nov. 9th Begin CANSTRUCTION at Rhondas ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club
Thursday Nov. 10th CANTRUCTION at Rhiondas ALL ART CLASSES + Key Club

Friday Nov. 11th 3 CANSTRUCTIONS COMPLETE AND ON VIEW (Morning Announcement)

Monday Nov. 14-On View
Tuesday Nov. 15th-On View

Wednesday Nov. 16th Sculptures down FIRST TRIP to Wake Relief for Delivery
Thursday Nov. 17 Sculptures down SECOND Trip to Wake Relief for Delivery

Friday Nov. 18th PROJECT COMPLETE - Wake Relief Distributes food!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Events

Saturday, Oct. 1 - Fall Roundup - 3-8 PM Sign in for your shift at the Information Booth on the Softball Field  Email Sarah to see if there are spots available.

Saturday, Oct. 2 - Carolinas District of Key Club @ Fall Rally at Carowinds- Details HERE!

Friday, Oct. 7 - Wake Relief Can-Struction pre-planning begins!

Sunday, Oct. 9 - Walk for Hope @ Angus Barn.  Walk with us by registering at  and under "join a team,"  choose RAVENS!  See Lexy and Morgan for details.  Ms. Smith will Chaperone.

Friday, Oct. 14th - Homecoming at Ravenscroft!  Spirit and Water Sales at Varsity Football Game - email Eryn @

October 17th - Wake Relief CanStruction announcement!  We'll collect cans and money for cans starting October 18th and build art out of the cans that will be donated to Wake Relief on November 17th!  See Sydney or our Prezi @

Saturday, October 29 - JDRF Walk -   Walk with the DTeam to raise money for curing Juvenile Diabetes.   Join the team by Wed., Oct. 12.  See Virginia -  

Join our Team
2. Click on Donate to a walker!
3. Fill out information where it says Donate To A Walker
3. Click on Virginia Douglas
4. Click on Join My Team
5. Fill out information

We'll have do facepainting and monitor the bouncy house after the walk.  For details on the Kids Korner, see Chris

Saturday, October 29th - Warmth for Wake - join us chopping and delivering wood.  Details here.

Monday, Oct. 31- Monday, November 7th - Building CanStruction, followed by "opening" of the cans exhibit!

ANYTIME, projects on your own:
Tutoring in Lower School 3:45-6, see Alicia
Miracle League Baseball - Saturdays all day, signup on line at  or see Ben