Monday, January 20, 2014

Gaming Tournament for Boys and Girls Homes of NC

2012 Tournament
Saturday, February 1,  2014, 2-6 PM in Library 
(set up at 1 PM)  Open to Ravenscroft Students Only.  $10 Entry Fee = 2 hours of community service for gamers!

Room SETUP!  NEW!!

Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Wii on the SmartBoards and PA Room Big Screen! - bring your favorite game to share, or just come and play.  See Jessica Sullivan and Charlotte Spence with questions.

Halo Tournament - $10 entry - networked with each other to have 8 XBox 360s at a time, up to 16 participants in tournament!  Cash prize!  See Lee Whitley with questions.  
FIFA Tournament - $10 entry - Bracketed Games on the new and improved BIG SCREEN in back!  Cash prize! See Andrew Vande Berg with questions.

Call of Duty Tournament - $10 entry.  Bracketed Games in the computer lab.  Cash prize.  See Andrew Thrash.

Sign up to come to the day of Gaming, and check boxes if you want to be placed in one of the tournaments.

Sign up to Bring Food or Drink for Gamers! (get additional service hours!)

Sign up to bring in your own gaming system or TV (get additional service hours!)