Sunday, September 13, 2015

August - October 2015

Blue = meetings and fun, Gold = service

Lower School Extended Day Buddies - Any Day After School - Sydney
Check in with Mrs. Pendergrass in the 5th grade center and she'll get you started!

Working Lunch Meeting for Officers and Sept-December Project Chairs - Sept. 17 during Club Time - 10:20 - 10:45 AM - room 165 (Mrs. Velk/Journalism room)

Full Club Meeting - September 22 at 10:20 - Location TBD
Last day to turn in Carowinds forms is Wednesday, September 23rd at 11 AM.  

Membership forms have 1 more week, but do it ASAP!

Fall Roundup - Saturday, September 26 - Maya and Anna
noon to 6 with 3 shifts - 11:45-2, 2-4:15, 4:15-6. See this page.  POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 17!

Miracle League Baseball - October 3 from 2-5 PM - Anna and Mr. Teitelbaum
Permission and Directions and Sign Up! Postponed to November 14 or Spring!

Last day to join and be guaranteed a shirt!! 
Oct. 6 at 3:30 to the Blue Box or Library!
Membership form.

Carowinds Fall Rally - Sunday, October 11, 5:45 AM - 9 PM - Bridget
Fun with all the Key Clubs in North and South Carolina! See form here!

Full Club Meeting - October 15 at 10:20 - At Jones Theatre. Announcements followed by Service Raffle! (If you've served, you could be a winner!)

Fall Roundup - Saturday, October 17 - Maya and Anna
Sign up or confirm your shift on this file, look for "Key Club" Booths!

& at Fall Roundup:
Play it Forward - bring your sporting equipment to the Lacrosse Booth to donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County! See Tenley for details!

JDRF One Walk to fight Type 1 Diabetes - October 24th from 9-noon @ Walnut Creek. See Kat Higginson and join our team at this page!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Roundup Sign Up for Key Club Booths!

Until September 17th, sign up to only work one shift for one Key Club booth so all members can get a chance to serve.

You may sign up for 3 shifts with 3 different clubs, pay attention to your shift, at 11:30, 1:45 or 4.

Spa Tent - choose braiding, nails, or tattoos

Laser Tag Prep - help kids get ready to play

Lacrosse Shootout

Leave your cell phone number so we can text and remind you on Friday, September 25.

If you have questions, see Maya and Anna, our Fall Roundup Coordinators!